Lez Zeppelin

Second question for Megan .. JPJ was an incredible bass player and keyboard wizard. You play his licks so effortlessly. How hard was his stuff to master and where did you get the keyboard sounds from?

Lez Zeppelin responded on 08/05/2012

From Megan:
JPJ is definitely incredible. I was raised on zep music. I never actually tried playing the bass parts until i joined lez- but the music was so ingrained in my soul that it came together quite naturally for me. my skill since joining has sky rocketed though. on bass and definitely keys. On bass, i could play the songs from the beginning but the first year or so in the band, i was playing an elementary version of his parts. As the years are passing, I'm getting closer and closer to what jpj actually plays. I have my own versions of the bass lines now- and when i listen to the original cuts from led zep, i realize my shortcomings and make goals accordingly. Thank you for saying i play his licks. This is a compliment. It can be overwhelming sometimes the list of things i need to work on.
On keys I'm lucky have the Nord. Most sounds are built right in with minimal tweaking. I had my first couple lessons on keys and I'm expecting to become more accurate in this area as well.

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