Lez Zeppelin

Steph has perfected her craft, I play guitar-mostly Led-Zep and was curious at what age Steph began to learn and by what method/teacher etc. How long it took - And does she read music? thanks !

Lez Zeppelin responded on 11/18/2010

Steph here -- thanks for the compliment! I got my first guitar at 6 and have been strumming on and off ever since. I am pretty much self taught and play pretty much exclusively by ear. I can read a little piano music and chord charts, as well as tablature -- though very slowly. Still, it sometimes helps guide my ear when I'm trying to figure out positions for solos, etc. The whole thing is very old school, I'm afraid. But, then again, it's the same way Clapton, Page, Hendrix and most of my heros learned to play, so there must be something to the method! Good luck with your music.


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