Lez Zeppelin

When do y'all believe you'll make it to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a show? There was talk about a Rush show this weekend and I heard mention of all women Led Zeppelin cover band playing (opening?) and you are the only one I'm aware of. But I see nothing in your tour dates. BTW, keep me in mind for a promo CD when you release a new one. I feature Lez Zeppelin on my internet station at www.live365/stations/fuzoid and first found out about y'all through Ariel's Cyber PR. Ariel was kind enough to send me your first CD but I did purchase your second one, Lez Zeppelin I. Maintaining an internet station as a hobby is very expensive so any CD submissions would be helpful. Indie bands feature prominently in my playlist, as you will read if you visit my station page, and most all of them have been submitted by the artists or through Ariel. But I do make exceptions as I did with your second CD. Anyway, let me know if you're coming to Texas. Thanks! Russell, fuzoid@aol.com

Lez Zeppelin responded on 06/17/2015

Hi Russell, thanks for your email. Yes, Ariel did PR for our first album. We have been to Texas but not for a long while. We hope to come back soon. Our drummer, Leesa Harrington-Squyres is from Houston. If we have a new CD happy to send it your way. Keep in touch, though, and perhaps we can do a chat on your station. And keep up the good (hard!) work. Rock on.

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