Lez Zeppelin

Hi LezZepperZ!! Can U pleeeZe fit the State Theater into your sked after NY this spring sometime? We were soo looking forward to last Oct's visit but then we had a family wedding sprung on us (Oct 17). My husband really wrestled w/not going to Charlotte for his niece's wedding so we could see U .. He was soo mad that we had to miss "his girls" ! (too bad U werent playing there... we would've skipped the reception!) :D No more weddings when Lez Zepp is playing!! Please come back to the State!! We really need our "Zepp~Fixx"!!! U are the only reason he will go to a crowded bar .. he even (dork)dances down front in the groupie pit!! .. Now that's dedication! We LUV U!!! CUsoon!
Mary & Mark (Annandale, VA)

Lez Zeppelin responded on 02/12/2015

We are working on this now, Mary!! Hope to see you soon. xo

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